oma editEnamelling has fascinated me for a very long time, from the day I purchased a brooch by Quebec enamel artists de Passille Sylvestre for my Oma 35 years ago to the present day, where I sit in my studio popping pieces in and out of the kiln, trying to interpret my own observations and thoughts.

The transformative nature of the medium drew me to this ancient art form where the character of a material can be changed within minutes to create something completely new.  Enamelling  offers endless possibilities using an array of colour, metals and techniques, and this just suits the way I like to approach my work – through experimentation, variety and sometimes surprise.

An Indian bridal saree and a Dutch Omafiets each carry a striking aesthetic, but are also an integral part of  their culture’s philosophical identity.  Whether I am creating a piece of jewellery or a piece of enamel art, it is interesting to me as an artist to explore these worlds of contrast — simplicity vs complexity, uniformity vs variation.

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